Top 25 place to visit in February you must to know?

Updated at : 02 Nov, 2023

In this blog, we will read about some of the best places to visit in February. February is neither very cold nor hot, so this month is suitable for vacations. There are a few places that can be cold this month, so you will have to pack some extra clothes. But there are many places where pleasant weather prevails. Let’s study the best places to visit in February 2023.

1. Mendoza – Argentina

Mendoza always comes first while planning vacations abroad. Mendoza has everything to be called a perfect vacation place from delicious food to beaches and wineries. Some of the top wine regions are found here. It is advised to travel there in February because the weather in the city is warm and sunny. 

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2. Russia - St. Petersburg 

St. Petersburg comes in second on the list of locations to visit in February. It is a well-known Russian city that is also near to Moscow. The forts, churches, and beautiful gardens of this city are popular around the world. When you get there, the first thing you should do is go to Palace Square. You should also take some time to explore Nevsky Prospect Street. Couples may find St. Petersburg to be the ideal destination because they may take a boat ride through the canals at night. It will undoubtedly make for a really romantic experience for them.

 3. Finland - Lapland

We all know how amazing Finland is. It is a dream destination of many, and no one would like to miss the chance to visit this country. Finland has very clean air and you will feel like you are breathing the purest air. Finland is full of natural beauty and stunning lakes. Visiting Finland in February can be a great idea as you get the chance to witness the magical northern lights. You may also know these lights as aurora borealis, which are very popular as northern lights around the world. And talking about the weather in February, it is chilly, and you can expect moderate rainfall and snowfall. Do the packing accordingly and after doing all the research, so you can enjoy as much as possible. Without a doubt, Finland is an incredible destination for a vacation you won't forget.

4. Spain - Ibiza 

Spain is popular for several things such as its culture, yummy food, cool beaches, and especially sports. The football fans know that this country has some top football clubs. If we talk about visiting Spain in February then it would be the best time, as during this month they celebrate a festival called as Day of Andalusia, with music and fun stuff. Ibiza, a part of Spain is famous for parties and beautiful beaches, but it’s chilly in February, so you can explore the island and enjoy the sun. The places you can explore during your stay are as follows-
•    Plaza Mayor
•    The Aqueduct of Segovia
•    The famous party island of Ibiza
In February, Spain's weather is cool and not much rain. Spain and Ibiza together are a vacation you'll always remember.

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5. Japan - Ibaraki 

We all the how Japans is so much famous for its modern technology, cool anime, and J-Dramas. All this makes it a country everyone wants to visit once and the perfect time will be in February. During this month, the weather is chilly, but it's not too cold. Now, talking about Japan’s famous city Ibaraki. Here you can explore some beautiful parks and gardens. There are some historic sites to visit as well like Kashima Shrine and the stunning Fukuroda Falls.

6. Colombia - Cartagena

The coolest place on earth, which is popular for its landscapes and rich cultural heritage.  You will experience the perfect weather if you visit Colombia in February. During this month, there's the Barranquilla Carnival. It is one of the biggest and most awesome parties in all of South America. The cool places you could visit include the following- 
•    Cartagena
•    The Tayrona National Natural Park
•    The coffee-growing region called Eje Cafetero,
•    The lively city of Medellin
•    The capital, Bogotá
In February, Colombia's weather is pretty nice, and just a little bit of rain.   

7. Poland - Szczecin 

Poland in February is pretty awesome, as it is a lovely time to visit, whether you're with your family or friends. The things you can enjoy- 
•    Shanties International Sailing Song Festival
•    Fat Thursdays to enjoy 
The winter sports you can enjoy there the Tatra Mountains are great for skiing and snowboarding. Now, it's a bit cold in February, but that's perfect for enjoying snowy landscapes. Some suggestions for places you can stay during your visit are- Villa Wilda, Safestay Warsaw, or Good Bye Lenin.    

 8. Philippines - Surigao Del Sur