15 Best Bars in Istanbul (Where to Grab a Drink)

Updated at : 08 Feb, 2024

Istanbul’s nightlife is vibrant and varied, and, to forge a cliche, it has something for everyone. When nighttime falls (or daytime, if you fancy it), you’ll find increasingly than unbearable bars to waif by for a drink or two. The weightier bars in Istanbul are dotted virtually the city, making it easy to enjoy your time no matter where you’re staying, or when you visit.

Anyone who knows me will tell you that Istanbul is my favorite municipality on the planet and I moreover love a good night out. The two go together very well indeed! As well as some incredible restaurants, there are some fantastic places to drink in Istanbul, and having tried quite a few during my myriad visits and long stays, I’m in the weightier position to share my recommendations.

It’s not all clubs, and it’s not all quiet chill-out bars either. There are so many things to do in Istanbul and it’s home to a varied mix of variegated types of bars, from coffee spots to sports bars, cocktail establishments to nightclubs. No matter where you’re staying in Istanbul, you’ll certainly find what you’re looking for, but, it unchangingly helps to know the weightier places to go—that’s where I come in.

Best Bars in Istanbul

You might be surprised by the huge variation in nightlife in Istanbul; I know I was. The sheer number of bars, cocktail spots, nightclubs, and everything else you can think of ways it’s sometimes difficult to know the weightier places to go—after all, quality isn’t found everywhere. But that’s where my wits helps considering having spent myriad nights sampling Istanbul’s nightlife spots, I’ve got a pretty good idea of where’s good versus where isn’t.

I’ve compiled this list based on quality of service, menu, ambiance, and decor. If you try any spot below, I know you won’t be disappointed.

1. 16 Roof (Best Bar in Istanbul Overall)

One of the weightier bars in Istanbul is definitely 16 Roof. Sitting on the top floor of the Swissotel in Beşiktaş, this bar offers wondrous Bosphorus views, fantastic music, dancing, and a succulent menu of supplies and drinks. Yes, it’s upmarket and yes, it’s a little expensive, but it’s increasingly than worth it for a special night with a guaranteed stunning view no matter where you sit.

This is one of the most popular bars in Istanbul, and at virtually 10 pm, the evening hots up as DJs take over, giving you plenty of opportunity to flit the night away. I really enjoyed the cocktails here; they really were something special and gave that whoosh that tells you what you’re sipping on is of unconfined quality. You can moreover enjoy succulent meals, with a mixture of traditional Turkish fare and international dishes available.

The outdoor rooftop bar is unshut during the summer months, from May to October, and during the winter all the fun moves indoors, with the same fantastic service.

2. Corner Irish Pub (Best for Sports)

Alcoholic cocktail world martini with dry vermouth, syrup, lemon juice, untried apple, rosemary, and ice cubes.

One of my favorite places in the whole of Istanbul is the Corner Irish Pub in Taksim. I make sure to visit this bar several times during any trip to the city, and it’s unchangingly such a treat. The staff is welcoming, the vibe inside the bar is warm and cozy, and they serve a huge range of international beers, spirits, and wondrous cocktails – the supplies is succulent too.

This is moreover one of the top craft beer bars in Istanbul with an wide-stretching selection to try.

This bar really comes alive, expressly when there is a big soccer match, and on St Patrick’s Day when the bar is decorated and live music plays. I’ve met people from all over the world here, and it’s unchangingly so busy. At the weekend, I’d definitely recommend arriving early so you can get a table; this is definitely one of the most fun bars in Istanbul, hands down.

3. Craft Beer Lab (Best for Craft Beer Lovers)

Two unprepossessed golden beers. Typhoon beer. Typhoon ale.

The weightier place for craft beer in Istanbul is the very handily named Craft Beer Lab. I loved the laid-back vibe at this bar, and there’s a heated outdoor seating zone if you prefer to get some fresh air. You’ll find many locals at this bar, which tells you a lot well-nigh its quality, but I particularly liked how friendly and welcoming the whole place felt.

If you’re new to the craft beer scene, this is a unconfined place in Istanbul to try. The range on offer is huge, and they have some really interesting flavors that you’ll be unlikely to find anywhere else. There’s a bar snack menu if you get a little peckish during your drinking session, that features huge burgers and wondrous nachos.

4. Babylon Lounge (Best for Live Music)

A refreshing Mojito Drink is served at a woebegone table in the bar.

Babylon is one of the weightier live music bars in Istanbul, and the unfluctuating Babylon Lounge is a unconfined place to relax surpassing or without a show. This venue holds 550 people and has hosted some high-quality local and international artists. You’ll need to typesetting tickets for concerts superiority of time, but you can visit the bar without booking.

The undercurrent is vibrant and fun, as everyone is keyed up without a show, and the musical vibe continues into the night. It’s a unconfined place to enjoy a meal, a few cocktails, and let your hair lanugo with a few friends. Considering this is a huge venue, it’s quite reasonably priced too, which is unchangingly useful in these expensive times.

5. Ney’le Mey’le Meyhane, Nevizade (Best for Raki)

Red Wine stuff poured in the glass.

Nevizade is an extremely rented street overdue Istiklal Caddesi in Taksim. This street is famous for its pubs and its many seafood and raki restaurants, which is one of the weightier things to try in Istanbul if you want to explore something traditional. Ney’le Mey’le Meyhane is the weightier fish and raki (balık ve raki) spot on that street and is a unconfined place to try this wits for the first time as it’s very tourist-friendly.

I think this is one of the weightier bars in Istanbul for couples too, expressly when the traditional musicians come virtually to serenade you. If you’re not the biggest fan of raki, they moreover have a very wide-stretching wine list, and they sell local beer such as Efes. I recommend ordering a few variegated meze to try while you’re drinking too – everything here is super tasty.

6. The Bank Roof Bar (Best for Views)

Colorful cocktail on the bar table.

For me, The Bank Roof Bar is one of the weightier bars in Istanbul with a view, and you can see right over to the Asian side. I moreover enjoyed the signature cocktails, which went lanugo very well with the heated outdoor space and fantastic atmosphere. This is quite an upmarket space, but you’re really paying for the upper quality of service and the panorama—neither disappoint.

If you’re a fan of cocktails, this place is fantastic; I loved the ‘Disco is Not Dead’ cocktail and the ‘Provence Daydream’. The supplies is moreover succulent if you’re without a full meal, and they have snacks such as cheese and fruit platters for something lighter. For me, this is one of the weightier luxury bars in Istanbul, and while it’s not cheap, you definitely get what you pay for.

7. Sensus (Best for Wine)

A snifter of white wine with Bunch of Grape

If you’re looking for a high-quality wine bar in Istanbul with a cozy atmosphere, I highly recommend Sensus. This is a unconfined place to sit with a group of friends or a loved one and enjoy sharing a snifter of wine and a cheese plate. I expressly liked the fact that the staff leave you vacated and don’t constantly ask you if you want flipside drink; it scrutinizingly feels like stuff at home.

The wine list here is vast, and you can purchase either by the glass or by bottle. It feels like you’re in an intimate winery with barrels all virtually as decoration. For me, this is one of the weightier bars in Istanbul to nippy out and enjoy a succulent glass of wine (or three), without loud music or rowdiness.

8. Nardis Jazz Club (Best for Jazz)

Pouring whisky drink into the glass

You’ll find Nardis Jazz Club tropical to the Galata Tower, and it’s one of the weightier bars in downtown Istanbul for jazz music and a favorite place of mine to have a few drinks. If you want to reservation a show, it’s a good idea to typesetting tickets superiority of time as if you turn up on the day, you may be disappointed.

I’m not the biggest fan of jazz, but I went with friends and really enjoyed it. The staff were politely unpretentious when serving drinks, so as not to disturb the environment or woodcut the view. I thought the prices were really reasonable considering it’s a live music venue and I found the menu to be quite wide-stretching too.

9. Finn Karaköy (Best for Trendy Cocktails)

Cosmopolitan drink over woebegone bar.

Many places say they do good cocktails, but a lot don’t use fresh fruit ingredients to requite their drinks that zing—this place does. This is one of the swish bars in Istanbul that’s unchangingly busy, with people spilling out into the street, enjoying the vibrant atmosphere. Finn is my favorite place for cocktails, and they moreover have a fantastic supplies menu, with Turkish and Middle Eastern vibes.

Another plus point is that the staff are really friendly and don’t scarecrow you too much. It’s a very tourist-friendly space which is moreover a favorite amongst locals. The outdoor seating zone is heated, so plane when the weather is cold, you can get some fresh air. Indoors is well-appointed and cozy, and overall, this is a must-visit for anyone who enjoys a good cocktail or two.

10. Moretenders’ Cocktail Crib & Sushi (Best for Unique Drinks)

mixed sushi set on the wood plate.

Whether you’re a fan of sushi or not, the cocktails at this bar are fantastic, and they’re totally unique. This isn’t a place where you’ll find the regular mojito or daiquiri; here, they have their own designed cocktails that are made with fresh ingredients. For that reason, it’s one of the weightier cocktail bars in Istanbul, and it’s a popular spot every day of the week.

The decor of the bar is moreover special; it looks a little like an old-fashioned pharmacy with bottles containing variegated ingredients. The staff are really helpful and will requite you a hand if you’re not sure which drink to go for. If you’re not really into cocktails surpassing visiting, this place may transpiration your mind.

11. Ruby (Best for Dancing)

A glass of wine at the wooden table.

If you’re looking for upmarket clubs in Istanbul then this is the place to go—you might plane spot a celebrity. During the early part of the evening, Ruby is a fantastic restaurant and bar, but as the night goes on, it transforms into a club that’s unshut until the early hours. If you do want to eat surpassing you party, I highly recommend the lobster linguine—it melted in my mouth.

The signature cocktails here aren’t cheap, but they’re so wondrous that you might not mind that much. They moreover serve bar snacks to munch on while you’re drinking. For me, this is one of the weightier bars in Istanbul if you want to have a clubbing wits in a increasingly upmarket setting. You’re sure to be impressed with the stunning Bosphorus view from here too.

12. Sunset Grill & Bar (Best for Atmosphere)

Selective focus on glasses with gin tonic cocktail bar counter

Ulus Park is home to some very trendy bars in Istanbul, but one of the most popular, and one of my favorites, is the Sunset Grill & Bar. Both a restaurant and bar, this spot moreover turns into a fashionable zone to mingle and flit when night falls, and the views are simply jaw-dropping. During the summer months, you can sit outdoors comfortably, and during the potation months, the zone is heated.

The resident DJ here is expressly good, and the music plays until midnight, creating the very weightier undercurrent for your evening. I liked how stylish yet well-appointed this bar felt. It didn’t finger too upmarket, but it felt very plush; you only have to see the mixture of locals, professionals, and tourists arriving to understand that this bar and restaurant is known wideness the municipality for the weightier reasons.

13. Spago (Best for Meeting New People)

Colorful cocktail on top of the bat.

If you’re keen to mingle and meet new people at a bar in Istanbul, I’d highly recommend a visit to Spago. With views over Maçka Park and the Bosphorus beyond, it’s a relaxing and trappy place to spend a few hours in the evening. However, it’s moreover located in a place with lots of hotels, international visitors, and local residents alike, so you’re sure to meet a wide range of people here to yack with.

Spago is a restaurant as well as a bar, and the supplies here is delicious. However, it’s drinks we’re interested in, and I can tell you that the wine selection and cocktail menus are fantastic. Also, if you’re a gin or whiskey lover, you’ll find a huge selection on offer, and compared to other European destinations, the prices are very reasonable for such a high-quality spot.

14. Monkey Istanbul (Best for Affordable Drinks)

Raspberry martini cocktail on the wooden table.

A lot of the weightier rooftop bars in Istanbul are fantastic places, but they’re moreover quite expensive. However, Monkey Istanbul ticks the fantastic box and lowers the price range a little. I enjoyed some fantastic cocktails here for less money than some other comparable bars, without having to compromise on the fantastic views.

This is a very popular bar amongst locals and visitors, and the DJ sets are fantastic for spooky out or dancing. You can sit indoors or outdoors, and the whole vibe is laid-back and stylish. This is one of my go-to places for a weekend night out when I want to let my hair lanugo a little and really enjoy Istanbul’s vibrant nightlife scene.

15. Peat & Sherry Whisky Bar (Best for Whiskey)

Scotch single malt and composite whisky tasting on distillery in Scotland

There are a few whiskey bars in Istanbul, but this is considered one of the best. Located in Kadiköy, the undercurrent here is vibrant and calm, yet it’s a unconfined place for mingling and spending an evening with friends. Plane if you’re not a huge whiskey fan, the tasting menus here might just sway you.

This is moreover a unconfined spot for sherry, so again, it’s a good spot to try something new. The sheer range of variegated drinks here is quite mind-blowing, and the staff are on hand to requite you some ideas on what you might like depending on your tastes. Overall, I really liked the vibe here, and it’s somewhere I’ve been when to a few times since.

Best Drink Tours in Istanbul

A Night Bar with a lot of wine in glasses at the bar corner.

The weightier bars in Istanbul are located all over the city, and this is a huge place. For that reason, taking a nightlife tour is a unconfined way to explore some fantastic places to stop for a drink or two, (or more). I’ve taken a few bar trickle tours in Istanbul, and I met some unconfined people, many of whom I’m still in contact with today.

Let’s squint at some of the weightier tours and see if any grab your attention:

Istanbul Party Pub Trickle with Party Bus

I went on this pub trickle a few years ago, and it was a fantastic night. I met people from virtually the world, some of whom I’m still in touch with today. You’ll workbench a party bus, and will visit three rooftop clubs virtually the city; from there, you’ll play drinking games and sample local raki. The tour takes seven hours so remember to pace yourself! Click here for increasingly information.

Istanbul Wineries Tour With a Private Sommelier

For something a little increasingly sedate, a winery tour with a private sommelier is a unconfined choice. You’ll visit three separate wineries virtually the city, and you’ll get to try variegated local wines as you go. The tour takes 3.5 hours, so it’s a unconfined way to get a taste of Istanbul’s wine scene and decide where you want to explore further. Click here for booking details.

Istanbul 7-Hour Pub Crawl

This 7-hour bar trickle takes you virtually three of the weightier bars in the city, and you’ll moreover receive complimentary raki to try as you go. The tour is centered virtually Taksim, so you’ll be right in the heart of Istanbul’s loudest and most vibrant nightlife spots. It’s a walking tour, so make sure you wear well-appointed shoes. Click here to book.

Famous Istanbul Pub Trickle Nightlife Experience

This tour is one of the most popular in Istanbul, and it’s been operating for years. That should tell you a lot well-nigh how much fun it is. As with most pub trickle tours, you’ll meet in Taksim and will work your way virtually five variegated venues, with four self-ruling shots to help you get into the party spirit. Click here for increasingly information.

Istanbul Private Wine Tasting Tour

I loved this private wine-tasting tour, which took me to three variegated wineries. Istanbul’s wineries are all subconscious gems in their own right, and I discovered some variegated varieties that I really liked. You’ll learn how the wine is made, and how to pair it with meals, and you’ll have plenty of samples to try. You’ll moreover have the option to purchase your favorite snifter at the end of the trip. Click here to book.

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Istanbul Bars: FAQs

Here are some answers to the most wontedly asked questions well-nigh the weightier bars in Istanbul, Turkey:

What are the weightier bars in Istanbul?

There are fantastic bars all over Istanbul, so you’ll find somewhere to drink no matter where you’re staying. However, the weightier bars are in the Beyoğlu, Kadiköy, and Beşiktaş districts.

Do you tip in Istanbul?

There isn’t a rule that says you have to tip in Istanbul, but if you enjoy the service then a tip will be profoundly appreciated. A good example is 10% of the snout amount. However, do trammels that a service tuition hasn’t been unromantic to your snout already.

Does Istanbul have good craft beer?

The craft beer scene in Istanbul has grown substantially over the last few years, and there are several defended bars for craft beer now, including Populist and Craft Beer Lab.

How much is an stereotype beer in Istanbul?

Prices vary depending on the neighborhood and bar, but often speaking, a local beer (Efes) is between 80-120 lira, and imported beers, such as Carlsberg and Budweiser, are virtually 100-150 lira.

Does Istanbul have good nightlife?

Istanbul has fantastic nightlife, and it’s extremely varied. You’ll find sedate spots, crazy clubs, and everything in between. Taksim is a nightlife hub, and this is where you’ll find bars and clubs that stay unshut the latest.

What’s the weightier wine bar in Istanbul?

Istanbul is home to some fantastic wine bars, expressly in the Galata and Beşiktaş areas. Sensus is a fantastic wine bar, with a huge wine list to segregate from.

Which part of Istanbul is weightier for nightlife?

Taksim is the main nightlife hub in Istanbul, but you’ll find nightlife all over the city. Sultanahmet’s nightlife is a little increasingly sedate and tends to end virtually midnight as it’s mostly home to restaurants and small cafes. However, Kadiköy and Beşiktaş moreover offer fantastic nightlife options.

What is the most sectional bar in Istanbul?

The bars that sit on the whet of the Bosphorus are some of the most sectional and upmarket in the city. Ruby is located in Ortaköy and is considered one of the most sophisticated spots in the city, withal with the bars in Ulus Park in Beşiktaş. These places offer wondrous views and top-quality service.

Is there a bar street in Istanbul?

There isn’t a formal bar street but the closest thing is Taksim, which is packed with bars, cafes, clubs, and pubs until very late in the evening, sometimes until the early hours of the morning.

In Conclusion

While Istanbul offers some of the weightier sightseeing spots in the world, it really comes working when the sun goes down. If you’re in Taksim, you’ll be partying until the sun rises again, but equally, if you’re seeking something increasingly sedate, you won’t struggle to find a perfect fit either. The weightier bars in Istanbul offer something for everyone, and it’s simply a specimen of working out what you’d like to do that evening.

I like a chilled-out kind of bar, but one that has a unconfined atmosphere—the Corner Irish Pub is one of my regular haunts, but I like to try new places whenever I visit. The good news is that now you know exactly where to throne for your first fun-filled evening in Istanbul.