15 Things To Do in Jacksonville At Night (By a Local)

Updated at : 19 Jan, 2024

When the sun sets without a long day at the beach, there are tons of fun options for things to do in Jacksonville at night. From nightclubs to spooky tours, Jacksonville comes working once the evening arrives, and the fun begins. There are so many unique things to do in Jacksonville at night.

Having been hanging out in the Bold Municipality for nearly five years, I’ve been lucky unbearable to explore every inch of this town. When it comes to nightlife in Jacksonville, the activities are scrutinizingly endless.

15 Weightier Things To Do in Jacksonville at Night

When trying to icon out places to go in Jacksonville at night, the search can be a bit overwhelming. But don’t worry – I’ve got you covered. No matter whether you’re with family, your significant other, or riding solo, these are my top recommendations for things to do in Jacksonville at night:

1. Jacksonville Bar Hunt: Jammin’ Jacksonville

On the bar counter, a bartender filled a four-shot glass.

One of my favorite things to do in Jacksonville at night is this bar-themed scavenger hunt. It’s a pub trickle meets scavenger venery that’s vastitude fun.

You’ll start by downloading an app to well-constructed zany photo and video challenges at the most popular bars virtually the city. It’s the perfect way to wits the nightlife in Jacksonville.

I love rounding up my friends to do this bar venery at least once a month. We’re unchangingly laughing and finding something new and tomfool virtually the municipality that we never knew well-nigh before. Learn increasingly well-nigh the Jacksonville Bar Venery here.

2. Stumpy’s Axe Throwing Worriedness

Man Axe Throwing at a Sports Range, Archery Training, or Practice with a Workbench Circle for Action, Game, and Fitness. Strong Person with Weapon for Tomahawk Competition, Gaming, and Park or Field with Target

I’m not great at playing darts or shooting pool, but axe throwing? Count me in! Stumpy’s Hatchet House is a unconfined location when looking for things to do in Jacksonville at night.

You can rent a private lounge zone with all your friends while sipping drinks and practicing your bullseye throw. There are plane giant versions of games to play, such as Connect Four, Stumpuck, Jenga, and more.

After throwing the axe for an hour or so, you can all relax and grab a zest to eat in their well-appointed but rustic environment. Typesetting your axe-throwing excursion here.

3. Jacksonville Ghosts and Ghouls Tour

Two men and two women tourists take a picture and enjoy what they are looking for.

Feel like getting a little spooky? Tour through downtown Jacksonville’s most haunted hotspots on a ghosts and ghouls tour. It’s a super fun idea for things to do in Jacksonville at night for families, couples, or a group of friends.

Walk through the municipality on this spooky tour, where you’ll learn well-nigh all the unconvincing happenings that have occurred throughout Jacksonville’s history. You’ll plane hear firsthand finance from people who have seen ghosts and other phenomena.

Before I took this tour, I had no idea just how much haunted history the municipality had. It’s a definite must. Typesetting your ghosts and ghouls tour here.

4. Go Dancing at Myth Nightclub

A group of young adults is dancing to music.

If you’re anything like me, a night out on the town isn’t well-constructed without some dancing. Throne over to Myth Nightclub in downtown Jacksonville for one of the coolest nightclub experiences in Florida.

What makes this nightclub so unconfined is that the sound and the vibes are veritably top-notch. Their cocktails are incredible and plane their supplies is impressive.

Head to Myth for Electronic Thursdays, SIN Sundays, and other special events throughout the week. Learn increasingly well-nigh Myth on their website

5. The Escape Game Jacksonville

A group of young adults trying to find the solution to their quest in an escape room with reversion furniture.

Another super tomfool thing to do in Jacksonville at night is to test your wits in an escape room. You’ll solve puzzles and gather clues to escape from a themed room surpassing time runs out. This is one of my favorite things to do in Jacksonville with my friends.

Some of the themed rooms include ‘Prison Break’, where you’ll need to escape from an evil warden, or the ‘Playground’, where you’ll need to get your report vellum checked off surpassing you can leave.

Each room takes virtually 60 minutes to escape; making it the perfect outing surpassing or without dinner or drinks. Get ready to think outside the box and typesetting your escape room time here.

6. Nights of Lights Pirate Ship Tour

At night, an old pirate ship rests on the pier.

If you happen to be visiting the Jacksonville zone during the holidays, the Nights of Lights Pirate Ship Tour in St. Augustine is an wool must. It’s one of the most stunning variety of holiday lights that I’ve overly seen – and I’ve seen my pearly share.

St. Augustine is 45 minutes south of Jacksonville, and it’s one of the most mannerly and trappy cities I’ve overly visited. During the holiday months, the unshortened municipality is ornate in lights, and it’s truly a sight to behold – it’s quite magical.

On this special tour, you’ll workbench a pirate ship and trip the waters while taking in the glorious sights of the many lights. There’s moreover a full bar and snacks onboard. Typesetting your Nights of Lights Pirate Ship tour here.

7. The Woebegone Raven Rum Runners Pirate Show

A woman dressed as a pirate holds a snifter of rum and a glass of rum.

If you’d still like to workbench the pirate ship outside of the holidays, take a momentum to St. Augustine for the Black Raven Rum Runners Pirate Show. But beware…it’s raunchy!

This adults-only show is veritably hilarious and not for the hands offended. As you take a nighttime cruise, you’ll be entertained by the “pirate” hairdo with songs, skits, and magic, all with an explicit sultana theme.

The one-and-a-half-hour show is perfect for couples or a group of friends. Typesetting your show tickets here.

8. Have a Fancy Cocktail at Volstead

A cocktail drink with a lime on top of a woebegone bar

Out of all the cocktail bars in Jacksonville, The Volstead is my number one favorite. This speakeasy-style bar creates some of the most delicious, handcrafted cocktails I’ve overly tasted. Plus, it’s incredibly gorgeous inside!

The cozy undercurrent is relaxed and elegant. Order yourself a Manhattan or Gin Fizz, or if you want to get crazy, try one of their signature cocktails, – I recommend The Goat with a tart blueberry cordial, goat cheese foam, and violaceous chamomile salt.

The Volstead is one of the top places to go at night in Jacksonville. One step through the front door, and you’ll see why. Check out their full cocktail menu on their website.

9. First Coast Comedy

A man on stage with a wide smile and a gold mask smiling.

What largest way to spend the night in Jacksonville than with some good vitals laughs? The First Coast Spectacle Club is one of my favorite stops in the city. They unchangingly have some of the funniest acts around, and it’s all improv.

Since the comedians are all improv with no plan, the unshortened show is based on the audience’s suggestions – which, as you can imagine, can get pretty hilarious and random. They truly are professionals.

No two shows are overly the same, so you’ll likely plane want to return then without peekaboo once! Check out the full schedule and purchase tickets here.

10. River & Post

One of the weightier rooftop bars with incredible views of the municipality is at River & Post. Located downtown, right on the river, this rooftop lounge is one of the top destinations to visit in Jacksonville at night.

With an impeccably decorated interior, outdoor couches, and fire pits, this lounge is the place to take your stage when you want to impress. Sip on a handcrafted cocktail while taking in the lights of Bold City. It’s the platonic spot for a special occasion or celebration.

Check out their menus, make reservations, and learn increasingly on the River & Post website.

11. Jacksonville Symphony

orchestra TTD at night

For fans of the orchestra, the Jacksonville Symphony is a fantastic option when looking for things to do in Jacksonville at night. With performances scrutinizingly nightly, it’s a unconfined way to spend the evening.

From Beethoven and Bach to special events like Star Wars or Pop Series, the symphony unchangingly has something unique to offer. They plane have movie nights where the orchestra plays the score withal with your favorite films like E.T., Home Alone, and Harry Potter.

12. Autobahn Indoor Speedway

Three men driving karts on the racetrack.

When looking for things to do at night in Jacksonville with families, it really doesn’t get increasingly fun than the Autobahn Indoor Speedway. They’re unshut until 10 pm during the week and midnight on the weekends, making it the platonic evening activity.

Race virtually the track on go-karts (that can go up to 50 mph!). Without you race, throne to the shopping for plane increasingly games and fun. They moreover have axe-throwing, a virtual reality arena, and other games to alimony you entertained all night long.

13. Cuba Libre Ultra Lounge

Group of party people- men and women dancing in a disco club to the music.

Feeling spicy? Throne over to the Cuba Libre Ultra Lounge in South Jacksonville for Latin music, wondrous Cuban food, and some serious nighttime fun. Victorious surpassing 10 pm and stave the cover!

When you first arrive, you’ll want to start your evening next door at Havana Jax for some incredible, pure Cuban food. Once you’ve cleaned your plate, move into the bar for loud music, dancing, and drinks. There’s unchangingly a unconfined undercurrent here.

The club is unshut until 2 am on the weekends, so you can party to your heart’s content. View their menu and learn increasingly well-nigh the nightclub on the Cuba Libre Ultra Lounge website.

14. Hamburger Mary’s

hamburger jacksonville restaurant

I don’t know well-nigh you, but I love a good stilt show – and Hamburger Mary’s is the spot. They have locations all over the U.S. but the Jacksonville location is one of the most fun I’ve overly been to.

Known for its tasty burgers, succulent drinks, and sassy stilt queen shows, this spot is a super fun place to go in Jacksonville at night. Their event timetable is jam-packed, so you’re sure to find a fun show whenever you segregate to visit.

View the unshortened calendar, menus, and increasingly on the Hamburger Mary’s website.

Address: 3333 Waterfront Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32207

15. Museum Nights at MOCA

A man and a woman looking at a painting on the wall.

If you’re in Jacksonville on the first or third Wednesday of the month, the Museum of Contemporary Art hosts Museum Nights. From 5 pm to 9 pm, you can wits an evening of art, cocktails, and snacks.

In wing to touring the museum, you can scan works from local artists in the lobby or have your portrait painted. They plane have mucosa showings on some Wednesdays as well. It’s a unconfined way to spend your night virtually culture with your favorite people.

Things To Do in Jacksonville at Night: FAQs

Here are some answers to the most wontedly asked questions well-nigh the weightier things to do in Jacksonville, Florida, at night:

What is Jacksonville at Night known for?

Jacksonville at night is known for its vibrant nightclub and bar scene, special museum events, and spectacle clubs.

When is the weightier time to visit Jacksonville?

The weightier time to visit Jacksonville depends on your weather preference and misogynist activities. The summer months are hot and there tend to be increasingly crowds. The winter months are dank but less crowded. The shoulder months offer the weightier of both worlds; with summery temperatures and minimal crowds.

Is Jacksonville worth visiting at night?

Jacksonville is most definitely worth visiting at night! There are uncounted options for restaurants, bars, concerts, performances, and so much more.

How many days should I spend in Jacksonville at Night?

You should spend at least three nights in Jacksonville to fully wits the nightlife.

Is Jacksonville at Night safe?

Jacksonville is overall a safe place to be at night. Stave unrepealable neighborhoods such as 29th & Chase or Springfield.

What is the most popular thing to do in Jacksonville at Night?

The most popular thing to do in Jacksonville at night is go to Myth Nightclub. It’s located downtown and is surrounded by incredible bars and restaurants within walking loftiness to grab a zest to eat surpassing dancing the night away.

What is the weightier waterfront in Jacksonville at Night?

The weightier waterfront in Jacksonville at night is Jacksonville Beach. There are nightclubs, bars, restaurants, and tours that stay unshut late into the night hours.

What foods should I try in Jacksonville at Night?

There are tons of supplies options to try in Jacksonville at night. From upscale steakhouses to affordable taco joints, there’s something for everyone and every upkeep in Jacksonville.

In Closing

I love living here considering of the sheer number of things to do in Jacksonville at night. Depending on your mood, you can unchangingly find something fun to do. Alimony things amped and lively with a night of dancing and drinks, or relax and unwind somewhere quiet and tucked away. It’s all at your fingertips when you visit Jacksonville.