Visit to the World's Scariest Attractions

Updated at : 08 May, 2024

Summit One Vanderbilt, New York City, New York, USA

From a picture alone, it's difficult to tell exactly what's happening at Summit One Vanderbilt. This 91st-floor One Vanderbilt light and mirror installation is a captivating yet disorienting sight. You'll ride an all-glass elevator to the Transcendence 1 observation deck, where you may stand 1,063 feet (325 meters) above the earth in the glass Levitation sky boxes and look out over New York City among panels of mirrors that reflect the view and you back at you. Transcendence 2, a balcony overlooking the disarray of mirrors and glass in Transcendence 1, is located on the 92nd level.

The Skywalk, Gibraltar

Although there is a breathtaking view from the Rock of Gibraltar, those who are daring may enjoy an even greater one from The Skywalk. This glass-bottomed platform provides a top-down view of the boundless Mediterranean ocean, dotted with drifting oil tankers and cargo ships, as well as Sandy Bay beach. Try crossing the Windsor Suspension Bridge, which crosses a steep valley at a height of 230 feet (70 meters), for an extra excitement.

Columbia Icefield Skywalk, Alberta, Canada

Best Columbia Icefield Skywalk Tours & Tickets - Book Now

If the vistas across the biggest icefield in the Rocky Mountains, Columbia Icefield, aren't exhilarating enough, an even more thrilling option is provided by an observation platform with a glass floor. The horseshoe-shaped Skywalk, which is located 918 feet (280 meters) above the Sunwapta Valley, offers views down to the pine woods below. Mount Athabasca, Mount Andromeda, Mushroom Peak, and the North Face glacier are visible in the distance.

CabriO cableway, Switzerland

You are not looking at your typical cable car. Except for the fact that most mountain gondolas keep you safely enclosed in a glass bubble, the CabriO cableway features a totally open-top deck with breathtaking views of the surrounding lakes and mountains but no shelter from the weather. Walk about the open deck at your leisure while the vehicle makes the twenty-four-minute ascent to the 1,900-meter (6,200-foot) Stanserhorn peak.

Aonach Eagach, Highlands, Scotland

One of Britain's most picturesque regions is the Scottish Highlands, with its deep glens encircled by sweeping mossy-green slopes and snow-capped peaks. The views from Aonach Eagach Ridge are just amazing. Looking down, however, rewards you with an even more stunning sight. The blood will undoubtedly race if you struggle up this small slope, which is among the narrowest in all of Britain. This is a tough climb that should be avoided in the rain and requires advanced mountain hiking and scrambling skills.

Mount Hua, Shaanxi, China

Mount Hua Trail: Where 100 People Plummet to Their Deaths Every Year |  Ancient Origins

The Plank Walk at Mount Hua, sometimes called Huashan, is a line of thin wooden planks fastened into the side of a steep mountain in Shaanxi province, China. It is frequently referred to as the world's most perilous climb. Because of the tremendous drop below, you must use a harness and rope to navigate this dangerous trail. However, since the harness only covers your upper body, it is easy to slide out of, it would not offer much support if you fell. There is extremely little safety equipment and steep hills around the small pathways leading to the Plank Walk, making the trek there occasionally just as terrifying. It will need extreme dexterity to get through this one.

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Northern Lights Sightseeing Flight Experience, England

The Northern Lights may be seen without making the long travel to the Arctic Circle. Take a sightseeing flight with Virgin Experience Days in the UK to seek for the magnificent aurora borealis. Flying for around twenty-five minutes, the cabin will get dark and your eyes will adjust to view the bands of green and purple light that decorate the skies when conditions are correct. The flight will take place out of one of the major airports in England, accompanied by a professional astronomer.

Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon Glass Bridge, Hunan, China

Whether you have a glass bottom or not, this enormous bridge, which is hanging 980 feet (299 meters) above Zhangjiajie National Forest Park in the Hunan region of China, is enough to give you shivers. However, its openness offers a different viewpoint and more excitement. You'll take in expansive vistas of the surrounding sandstone cliffs and a glimpse straight down into the dense thickets below. 2020 also saw the opening of two bungee platforms underneath the pedestrian bridge.

Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge, Ballintoy, Northern Ireland

Carrick-a-Rede │ Northern Ireland | National Trust

Built by salmon fisherman in the 18th century, the Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge at Ballintoy still precariously balances between grass-covered crags around 98 feet (30 meters) over the ocean. It is not a place for the weak of heart to cross the bridge. It creaks and moans as you walk across its 65-foot (20-meter) length, swaying with the breeze. However, the unrestricted views of the ocean make up for the sweating hands.